Saturday, April 21, 2012


I know that you're having a blast right now but just so you know, you haven't left my mind. After a full consideration, I have decided to write this because honest to god, I can't take the pain anymore. Whether you're here or not here with me, it hurts like hell. But to see you becoming the person I clearly hate, pains me even more.

You want to talk about trust? You give me every reason to doubt you. You think by telling me the truth, would make me feel okay. You think by lying, would save me from the heartache. Did you ever think by not doing 'that' would actually save us from this torturous situation? No. I hate your excuses, I hate your reasons. I hate listening to the overplayed stories about you and your friends. I am not a kid, I won't be fed to your stories an just be happy with it. I'm not like that.

I just wish you'd grow up and be a man.

I love you but this pain has got to stop.

For once, think about MY feelings instead of yours.

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